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Best Non-Custodial Web3 Wallet for Your Crypto Assets

Safely store and manage cryptocurrencies from 15 blockchains, earn staking rewards, and swap tokens seamlessly with the user-friendly FRWT wallet.


Features at a Glance


Multi-currency support

Store and handle over 1,000 cryptocurrencies across 15 blockchains. Add custom blockchains to unlock more potential


NFT Support

Beyond regular crypto, engage with non-fungible tokens. FRWT wallet allows storing, sending, and receiving NFTs


Market Monitoring

Stay updated with crypto market trends. Tailor your crypto news feed within the FRWT app


Zero Fee Transactions

FRWT does not charge any fees for the transactions you perform. Only blockchain standard fees included


Portfolio Tracking

Automatically calculate your crypto assets' worth and monitor your portfolio's overall value


Crypto swaps

Bypass exchange registrations. Instantly exchange crypto tokens right within your wallet


Seamless Transactions

FRWT Wallet guarantees hassle-free transactions. Send and receive cryptocurrencies effortlessly through an intuitive and modern interface

Buy cryptocurrency with your credit card on FRWT

Get crypto tokens directly within the wallet app. You won't have to visit crypto exchanges or p2p platforms.

To buy crypto on FRWT:

  • Choose cyptocurrency
  • Determine the amount in USD or EUR
  • Provide your cryptocurrency addressBe aware: You may need to undergo a KYC verification.
  • You are done! The crypto is now in your balance

Why Choose FRWT?

Security First

  • Non-custodial
    Your private keys stay with you. You are a true owner of your funds.
  • AES-256 encryption
    Keeping your assets safe and secure. Rigorous security protocols in place for unmatched protection.

Universal Compatibility

Available on Android and as a browser extension. Seamlessly integrates with over 15 blockchains.

Versatile Payment Avenues

Buy crypto via Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, and more.
Integrated with DEX and CEX exchanges.